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How I would work with you


Each therapy is as unique as the relationship created by the client and counsellor. Some people take longer than others to feel comfortable in counselling. I will not rush you and I will never judge you.

Before starting counselling we’d meet for an introductory session to decide whether we’d like to work with each other.

All counselling sessions, including the introductory session, last approximately 50 minutes. My approach is exploratory and sessions are not structured. Within each session we will explore whatever you wish to raise, while being mindful of your goals for counselling. Our work will flow from what you bring to the session.

My approach is non-directive, focusing on feelings that arise within you in the course of the session and exploring them by safely deepening those feelings and facilitating your reflection on them. Where appropriate I invite exploration of the past, draw attention to its relevance and highlight themes and repeated patterns in your life that we may explore. I will share my insights with you but believe your own insights within therapy have the greatest therapeutic impact.

I intend that through the process of therapy you will deepen your relationship with yourself and so grow your ability to care for your feelings outside of sessions, however painful, confusing or frustrating you might experience them.